Soren Kierkegaard

Spiritual Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Spiritual Quote by Kierkegaard


Five years ago my anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t even drive a car. Me! The person who drove to Los Angeles from Houston when I moved there, the person who loved to cruise around listening to the same song on repeat; now I would freeze in terror when another car came near.

Fortunately, I lived down the street from Sloan’s Lake in Denver, so my new goal was to walk down and shoot sunsets until I got one good enough that they would show it on 9News- what can I say? I love Kyle Clark.

On this day there was a waterski boat going around for one last end-of-summer lap. As the sunset grew red I thought “Please, don’t fall”, stood stock still, and CLICK! Got it! Tweeted it to the news, an hour later there I was on the TV screen.

Even if you are incapacitated in some way, you can still hit your goals. Just adapt them for your current parameters, there is always a way to feel accomplishment out there. I live my life through sets of goals and mini-goals, constantly striving for a little more. Write some goals down today if you are feeling lost, they can be as simple as “pet an animal” or even “touch my toes”.

photo taken at Sloan’s Lake – Denver, Colorado

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