Happy International Women’s Day!

Inspirational Quote by Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton Inspirational Quote

Ever since finishing For Her Own Good by Barbara Ehrenreich, I’ve been thinking deeply about women and their role as healers and how society can get back some of that. The book goes over 200 years of medical advice and paradoxes given to women (Women have hysteria! Women have to stay in bed for the entirety of their period because they are so weak! Women are masochists who love pain!), and how we moved from midwives to upper class gentlemen who could afford the schooling.

Now it’s not that I want to do away with highly educated professionals, but human beings need a mix. The soothing touch and ancient knowledge of the healers and medicine women awakens something mythical inside us, as Joseph Campbell would say.

The Puritans worked hard to cast out the witches, now it’s time to look back at their natural herb potions. I see a movement of women out there now, cultivating and bringing awareness to an alternative; society needs a spectrum of health choices – both the advanced modern science and ancient tried-and-true wisdom.

photo taken at Pepsi Center – Miley Cyrus (and she was amazing, I am so serious).

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