David Byrne 

David Byrne Spiritual Quote
Spiritual Quote by David Byrne

David Byrne is the Downtown World Art-Pop Punk Aesthete that I’ve always wished I could be, and his book How Music Works is a gift to fans curious to know how his brain works. Music is basically life, the song that we all dance to; a great way to express joy comes from playing or listening to it.

Music is one of the strongest medicines I know for tackling loneliness. When listening alone you realize the musician understands all of your feelings, even the guitar does. When in a crowd listening to music you can find yourself suddenly in a happy mob; collective consciousness takes over and suddenly you are a community of smiling dancers.

When I find myself dipping low into depression, I pick up my guitar and sing the blues. Usually I don’t even sing real words- it’s the expression and vibrations that are important. I feel better afterward every single time. Creative outlets are very important for your mental health, you gotta make something and get that stuff out.

photo taken at Ocean Beach, San Diego, California
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