Sylvia Plath on rejection

Sylvia Plath rejection slip quote
Sylvia Plath rejection slip quote

Sylvia Plath, Crown Princess of Clinical Depression, had the absolute best way with words, and was the first voice I read that talked about the deep, deep sadness I have inside. For a long time I thought of great ideas but never pursued them out of fear of failing and feeling even worse about myself.

Then I opened a streetwear store, and while it had been a long dream of mine to own, in reality I hated it. Not the store itself, but the fact that people would come in and talk my ear off for hours getting free counseling and then never buy a thing. For the first time in my life, I was happily willing to fail, just get me out of that store! I am proud of my failure now, at least I had the gumption to start a company from scratch, and huge lessons were learned out of it. I’m ten times stronger now because I tried, and I can’t wait to see what else fails in the future!

photo taken in Austin, Texas

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