John Kennedy Toole on when life gets you down

John Kennedy Toole Quote
John Kennedy Toole Quote

A Confederacy for Dunces by John Kennedy Toole is the kind of classic that every outcast or weirdo has read and identified with; Ignatius, the lead character, sells hot dogs in the French Quarter and is disgusted by the scene around him. For such a grump though, he knows how to squeeze some happiness out of a day, and what better way than a movie that will take your mind off things for two hours.

When I start feeling down, there is nothing I want to do but lay on the couch hiding from the world. Sometimes that’s all I can muster up, and that’s fine; you have a choice here, relish in the moment if you please. However, if you only do that, you’ll just get more and more stuck in your new habit. Force yourself to go walk around the block. Break the habit, be tough. Just move and you already are living a little more.

photo taken at the Ignatius statue in the French Quarter – New Orleans, Louisiana

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