Billie Joe Armstrong quote on being a loser

Billie Joe Armstrong Quote
In honor of me seeing Green Day tomorrow, I thought I’d share this quote from singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong about being a loser. People worry too much about winning, how about just happily surviving and helping others? Why can’t you be successful and not rich?

Sometimes when I stay home to read a book instead of going out socializing I embrace being a “loser”, it’s a vital part of an introvert’s survival. Every once in awhile I do have to actually get out and talk and laugh with friends, you can’t only stay inside hermiting. It is all a balance.

This photo was taken at SXSW a few years ago. The guy was also playing a kazoo. Also, why do so many people use “looser” now instead of loser? Totally different word with completely different meaning and it’s not even pronounced the same. Perplexing.

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