Dorothy Parker

Introvert Quote by Dorothy Parker
Introvert Quote by Dorothy Parker

For years I thought I was an Extrovert. Constantly hanging out with big groups, talking to everyone; alcohol certainly helped loosen me up for social chatter. Deep inside something was screaming at me, though. Telling me “this wasn’t right”, and finally I completely broke down. I was exhausted and broken.

Putting the blame on other things didn’t help. I blamed where I lived and who I hung out with; moving to a different state showed me that the problem was actually me.

I quit drinking cold turkey two days before my wedding, telling only my fiancé (since it wasn’t the focus of the day). Suddenly I saw that the Extrovert in me was….just alcohol. We drank our toasts of non-alcoholic champagne (disgusting) and no one was the wiser until it was over and I was still sober. It was the beginning of my new life.

Taking the MBTI test showed me that I was an INFJ, about as introverted as they get! Now I proudly rest and recharge in silence, and life is much more manageable now.

photo taken at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado

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