Positive Inspiration for a Complex World

Five and a half years ago, I realized I couldn’t keep living like I was. I quit drinking cold turkey and began a hard journey towards figuring myself out and using a positive perspective to battle my existential depression (among a list of other things). Every therapist and psychiatrist I saw asked me the same questions – “Do you practice yoga? Do you meditate?” These are now the strongest medicines I’ve got for my spiritual healing.

Years ago I had put down my guitar, afraid of someone hearing me and judging any missed note. Now I sing as loud as I possibly can, often in gibberish, usually the blues; the vibrations heal my wounds and letting emotions out in creative ways is vital. Life is doable. Yes, I’m positive.

Tuvan throat singers say that singing rings the body the like a bell- so let’s get to ringin’.

This is a collection of my photography, quotes from authors and philosophers that help me get by, and musings on the meaning of life (and if there even is one). In an increasingly complex and negative world, I hope to make a tiny change in someone’s day through positive inspiration. Follow me on Instagram – @yesimpositive

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